Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yeah, you heard me.... I love that song... Phil Collins is a musical genius.....

What? Oh, you thought I meant something else? Wooooooo you little scamps are incorrigible!

Well listen up, Drama Mommas. This ain't that type of blog. I'm NOT here to complain about blah - de - blah this and blah - de - blah that on SL and I'm NOT here to drone on and on endlessly about how LL is abusing us poor unfortunate avi's and I am most certainly NOT talking about you.........

Or am I?

In case you've noticed, I haven't posted a blog on here in forever. Why? blogging bored me. I've been trying to find that little something that I could latch on to and and just run with it. Only problem is, it was all fake.... Oooo I could take tons of pictures and do like an SL travel log (like we haven't seen that done before) or I could just promote my wares (I hate self promotion)
Or maybe I can talk about SL fashion! (PFFFT Yeah, RIGHT!)

So what am I gonna do? I get bored and I stop blogging... I got too much to do anyway, right?

The HELL I say! I'm going to do something completely different! I'm going to blog about whatever the Hell I want to blog about! If I got something to say about a matter, I'm gonna slap it down right here in this space. Why? Why not!

So yea, no more forcing myself to blog for the sake of blogging. You might as well call it blah-ging if you do it that way. No, I'm gonna do it my way, like it or not, rain or shine, Bowen is Bowen and this is myvery own little Op-Ed page....



I been a little blue lately... HAH!